iFert: A balanced approach to farm fertiliser

iFert is an innovative company that offers farmers a balanced approach to fertiliser decision-making. Informed by science and grounded in solid farming experience. iFert works across all agricultural sectors from sheep, beef, dairy and deer, covering all pastoral and cropping situations.

Informed by Science

At iFert we take a ‘prescription approach’ to input decision-making. Our comprehensive on-farm soil and plant testing service, Soil & Plant Diagnostics, employs state-of-the-art equipment and the latest soil, herbage and animal dietary testing techniques.

Our independent consultants then work with farmers to isolate the limiting factors on each farm and advise on the best products to deliver the nutrients and trace elements you need at critical stages of your production cycle. iFert offers a solution that you can bank on.

Grounded in Experience

At iFert, we recognise that there is no single solution when it comes to delivering an effective long-term fertiliser programme. We focus on developing customised programmes in a three-year rotation that deliver the specific nutrients your land needs in the easiest form for rapid plant uptake.

Our consultants are qualified in Sustainable Nutrient Management and have years of practical farming knowledge. Skilled in the detection of visual deficiencies on the paddock or crop, their on-farm observations can often be confirmed by on-the-spot analysis. Lab results are then used to validate in-field observations, so that you can be sure you will get the best return from your budget every year, for years to come.

Our pragmatic ‘best for farm’ approach is based on practical farming experience, expertise in soil, plant and animal nutrition and knowledge across all schools of fertiliser practice.

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