• Custom Fertiliser Programme

    At iFert, we recognise that there is no single solution when it comes to delivering an effective long-term fertiliser programme.  We recommend the best combination of fertilisers to meet your production goals.


  • Independent, expert consultancy

    All iFert soil & fertiliser consultants are highly trained, and have more than a decade of experience across all schools of fertiliser practice.


  • Soil & Plant Diagnostics

    Thorough testing clearly identifies any production-limiting deficiencies, providing farmers with solid information on which to build their fertiliser programme. We offer Soil & Plant Diagnostics as a standalone service and as a key part of our fertiliser consultancy


Results focused

Our Soil & Plant Diagnostics recommendations are independent and completely focused on farm results.

At iFert we take a ‘prescription approach’ to input decision-making.  Using state-of-the-art equipment and the latest soil, herbage and animal dietary testing techniques, iFert consultants work with farmers to isolate the limiting factors on each farm.

“We are definitely on the winning side now we feed the soil and that does the trick”. Brian & Caroline Hutchings, Dairy Farmer

Soil Testing
Soil analysis & diagnostic services by iFert soil & fertiliser consultants

Soil analysis &
diagnostic services

Best for soil, best for budget

iFert provides an independent, science-led fertiliser advisory service that is grounded in solid, practical on-farm knowledge. We understand the commercial realities of farming and focus on getting the best production gains for your available budget.

Our Soil & Plant Diagnostics service includes a comprehensive on-farm visit and analysis of the chemical, biological and physical aspects of the whole farm system, looking at up to 140 levels of data.

iFert stands for
intelligent fertilising

Intelligent fertilising (iFert) starts with the end game in mind – delivering healthy, nutritious food to plates all over New Zealand and Australia.

Our pragmatic ‘best for farm’ approach is based on practical farming experience, expertise in soil, plant and animal nutrition and knowledge across all schools of fertiliser practice. iFert works directly with fertiliser suppliers and importers to source high quality fertiliser products at the best prices.

Ifert stands for Intelligent Fertilising