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Best for soil, best for budget

iFert provides an independent, science-led fertiliser consulting (advisory) service that is grounded in solid, practical on-farm knowledge. We understand the commercial realities of farming and focus on getting the best production gains for your available budget. Our consulting service is made up of five parts: GPS mapping, physical on-farm assessment, Soil & Plant Diagnostics, animal dietary reporting and recommendations for your prescription fertiliser programme.

GPS mapping

At iFert, we use the latest mapping software to isolate Land Use Capability, drainage, soil classification and soil series properties before we set foot on your property. 

Physical On-Farm Assessment

iFert conducts a physical examination on-farm to gain a clear insight into soil, pasture and animal health. Taking the time to understand the farm history paints a picture of past land use, fertiliser inputs and key animal health or production issues.

Soil & Plant Diagnostics

Our Soil & Plant Diagnostics service clearly identifies deficiencies in nutrients and trace elements that limit production. Thorough testing gives iFert customers solid information on which to build their fertiliser programme — our service is the opposite of a ‘hit and hope’ mentality. We offer Soil & Plant Diagnostics both as a standalone service and as a key part of our comprehensive fertiliser consultancy. 

Animal Dietary Reporting

The animal dietary report is part of iFert’s overall assessment of a farm’s needs. The nutritional needs of dairy animals are very different from those on dry stock farms. Looking at the nutrient levels and certain ratios within the plant without considering the dietary needs of the grazing animal can lead to unseen shortfalls that limit productivity.

Fertiliser is such a major capital cost that farmers deserve to be 100% sure that they’re going to get a return on their investment. At iFert we invest a lot of time up front to make sure that we accurately identify and prioritise all the limiting factors for production. Once we get that right, everything works from that baseline.

Prescription Fertiliser Programmes

At iFert, we focus on developing customised fertiliser programmes in a three-year rotation to deliver nutrients in the easiest form for rapid plant uptake. iFert is completely independent because we recognise that there is no single solution when it comes to delivering an effective long-term fertiliser programme.

We recommend the best combination of fertilisers to meet your production goals — from traditional fertiliser to higher efficiency fertilisers and custom-made compound fertilisers.

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