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Our Philosophy

Intelligent fertilising (iFert) starts with the end game in mind – delivering healthy, nutritious food to plates all over New Zealand and Australia. Monitoring inputs and outputs from fertiliser to soil, soil to plant and plant to plate ensures that the highest quality is delivered through every stage in the production cycle.

iFert helps farmers to hit peak production by identifying and correcting all limiting factors that affect yields, whether you measure your success in liveweight gain or tonnes/ha.

Best for farm, best for environment

We believe that the future of farming lies in the intersection between profitability and sustainability. At iFert there are no hidden agendas. We take our lead from the condition of your soil and the production needs of your farm — and address both in a way that mitigates wider environmental impact.

The iFert approach is currently meeting the challenge of boosting yields while reducing nitrogen leaching in one of the world’s most sensitive environments. Find out more

Informed by science, grounded in experience

At iFert we take a ‘prescription approach’ to input decision-making. Using state-of-the-art equipment and the latest soil, herbage and animal dietary testing techniques, iFert consultants work with farmers to isolate the limiting factors on each farm.

Based on current farm data, we offer independent, on-farm advice on the best products to deliver the nutrients and trace elements you need at critical stages of your production cycle. iFert offers a solution that you can bank on.

Our consultants are qualified in Sustainable Nutrient Management and have years of practical farming knowledge. Skilled in the detection of visual deficiencies on the paddock or crop, their on-farm observations can often be confirmed by on-the-spot analysis. Lab results are then used to validate in-field observations, so that you can be sure you will get the best return from your budget every year, for years to come.

Find out more about iFert’s prescription fertiliser programmes

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